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Imagine you have the garden that makes you feel either Queen or King. Adam or Eve. Or one of those privileged people that experience the richness of the Riviera: infinite blue and so many sunny days. Very simple, yet sophisticated. A garden that gives you the majestic decor for the theatre play where you are performing the main role. A play with happy end, or rather no end at all...

Let's create this garden together.

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The whole mystique that clings to the French Riviera is one of my fascinating sources of inspiration. From being a remote and impoverished region back at the end of 18th century, one hundred years later the Côte d'Azur became a dream residence and holiday destination for European royalty, aristocracy and artists. Starting my work as a landscape designer on the Riviera made me open new eyes every day.

Countryside is where I spent my childhood. At the age of seven, my parents gave me a small part of their garden, five square meters, to administrate and to take care of. As I learned to call plants by name, I took the first step toward a real intimacy with them. The passion for painting with nature found a solid structure during the landscape design and horticulture studies.

I have been taught that drawing on paper is useless without having that connection between plan and soul. This is why each project is carefully considered. A muse, that "good idea", is needed, in order to make your garden unique. Space and light are managed so that you can benefit from the greatest gift of the garden: the restoration of the five senses.

Be the witness of my creative enthusiasm, seeing how your garden develops, not just blooms and looks pretty. I believe in gardens that are compatible to the natural environment and I'm willing to make efforts in order to minimize human footprint. One of my principal aims is choosing plants that don't just grow and survive, but thrive in your area and your soils. Plants that reach their potential, framed by the adequate hardscape and accessories.

Experience the anticipation that a garden provides. You will learn that no two days are the same in one garden.

Enjoy beauty. Celebrate style.

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